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Do I need a consult for my tattoo?

Most of the time, yes, a consult is needed for your tattoo. I prefer to do consults in person. During your consult, we will brainstorm on your idea, go over reference pics and then take measurements/pictures of what is getting tattooed. If you were unable to do your consult in person due to living out of town or for other reasons, then your consult will be done via email.


How often do your books open?

I will be booking in 2 to 3 month increments to allow me to finish projects before starting new ones and to also allow for flexibility within my personal life/schedule. Once a certain booking period fills up, my social media and mailing list will be notified and that’s also where I will announce openings if any come up.


How do you pick what tattoos you do?

To expedite this process for both myself and my clients, I highly recommend reviewing my tattoo style before inquiring with me. I do have a certain preference for most projects but an open mind and willingness to “collaborate” on your idea is usually best. If for whatever reason, I feel someone else at our shop is better suited for your tattoo idea, I will notify you during the response phase of my booking. I will be posting certain projects that I am looking specifically to take on and clients with these tattoos will get priority.


How do deposits work?

All appointments will require a deposit of $200-$500 depending on the project. This deposit will be applied to the last session of your tattoo (if multiple appointments are necessary). I require a 48-hour cancellation to reschedule. Anything under 48hrs will result in you having to wait until the next booking period to get back on the schedule. All deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to a rescheduled date (if with 48 hours of appt). No- shows will result in a complete forfeiture of your deposit and an additional deposit must be made in order to book during the next booking period.


What is your tattoo rate?

My hourly rate is $200 an hour with a two-hour minimum and $1000 daily rate. My daily sessions usually run between six and seven hours long. If you have the entire day booked, it is your day, so if you need to leave earlier than discussed or are unable to sit for the duration of the appointment, I will have to still

charge you accordingly. These full day sessions should be reserved for bigger

projects or clients that can sit for longer tattoo sessions.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Although I do most of my projects by the hour, I will work with clients that have a specific budget in mind. There are many things that can affect the overall price of a piece. Some of those include multiple sessions, detail, size, placement, and overall health of the skin being tattooed. During our consult, the overall

cost of the tattoo or project will be outlined and gone over.


Will I see my artwork/ design before my appointment?

Unfortunately, drawings will not be available prior to your appointment. Based on my drawing schedule and what works best for me, your tattoo design is usually finalized the night prior to your appointment. I do allow, with all my appointments, the room/time to make small changes before we start, if need be. Major

design re-draws will result in a rescheduled appointment. I again urge you to check out my

portfolio prior to inquiring as to save us both on any time wasted.


I have work/project started with you that needs to be finished, do I get priority?

Yes! Clients with existing projects not yet completed will get priority when booking each booking period.

I do this to ensure the completion of projects for my portfolio and to take care of clients with unfinished

work. I appreciate every clients patience and loyalty with bigger projects and see

this as a far way to get to get them finished.


Do you take walk-ins? How do you fill cancelations and how do I jump on one?

At this time, I do not take walk-ins but have the privilege of working with some of the areas most talented artists and some of them may have availability. Please inquire with the shop for walk-in availability. I do occasionally have openings in my schedule due to reschedules or cancellations. Those clients following my social media platforms will see when those occur. I also will occasionally open days up to those on my mailing list. So, I highly recommend you join both my mailing list and follow my Instagram and Facebook!


Do you do cover-ups? Or work started by another artist?

Yes, cover-ups and re-works are considered on a case-by-case situation. There are many variables that can determine if a tattoo can be covered up successfully and with what imagery. An open mind always helps the process! These projects will definitely require a consult and may result in the need of some laser tattoo removal to lighten the existing tattoo. I prefer to start and finish my own work, but I will consider finishing or re-working a tattoo done by another artist if contact has been made to that artist and has resulted as an unsuccessful attempt to be finished. As stated earlier, this will be a case-by-case situation.

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